Scorhill Stone Circle, Chagford, Dartmoor National Park

Scorhill Stone Circle, Chagford, Dartmoor National Park

Chagford is a popular Dartmoor gateway town. The National Park's high moors rise steeply a few miles to the south and west. There, on Chagford Common and Scorhill Down, you'll find a high number of superb prehistoric sites. Scorhill Stone Circle is one of them.

We've positioned Scorhill Stone Circle on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.


Recommended route to Scorhill Stone Circle for the first time

We'd recommend walking in from  Batworthy Corner when visiting Scorhill Stone Circle for the first time. Refer to the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map when reading the following directions.

By car, head for Chagford.  From Chagford, the skinny country road referred to as Manor Road climbs to Waye Barton. Continue to Thorn and Yeo Farm and the road rises to Teigncombe before crossing a cattle grid on to the moors.

The road flattens and passes Round Pound to your right. Kestor Rock is visible to your left. At the end of the road, at Batworthy near Batworthy Corner, is a small parking area. You can usually walk from here. In drier months, a large grass parking area is opened up on the moorland just before Batworthy so you can park there as well.

Walk up to Batworthy Corner. The path is a little rocky and the area can get boggy after a spell of wet weather. Shovel Down Stone Rows are by Batworthy Corner.

From Batworthy Corner, walk north west following the line of the wall and trees until you hit the North Teign River. The Tolmen Stone on the North Teign River is just downriver here.

Cross the Teign-e-ver Clapper Bridge and then Wallabrook Bridge. You'll see Scorhill Stone Circle on the rise of the moor ahead of you. Follow the grass track to the stones.

It's an impressive stone circle in a beautiful location. Dartmoor's north plateau is visible from Hangingstone Hill to Cosdon Hill. Many people pass Scorhill Stone Circle on their way up to the plateau.


Route to Scorhill Stone Circle from Scorhill near Scorhill Farm

There's another small parking area at Scorhill near Scorhill Farm. From Chagford, you drive to Gidleigh and then follow the road to Scorhill. This route is longer and roads even more narrow. Wander across Scorhill Down to Scorhill Stone Circle from the car parking area.


Walking to Scorhill Stone Circle from Chagford

To walk from Chagford, follow the Two Moors Way to Teigncombe and then walk up the road to the aforementioned cattle grid on to the moors. There's also a path from Teigncombe that offers direct access to Chagford Common. Walk to Batworthy Corner and follow the directions above. The walk up from Chagford is reasonably demanding.


Other routes to Scorhill Stone Circle

Clearly, you can also walk to Scorhill Stone Circle from other directions. It's a pleasant walk from the car parking areas at Fernworthy Reservoir and Fernworthy Forest.

Dartmoor's a small place so, if you're fit, you can walk in from villages such as Belstone and Postbridge. We usually cover 30mins a mile at a very leisurely pace when walking the north moor.


Other prehistoric sites in the Chagford area

As mentioned, there are a high number of superb prehistoric site in the area.

Explore Shovel Down Stone Rows and Round Pound, Long Stone Standing Stone (Shovel Down) and Kestor Settlements and Field System.

A little further away, visit White Moor Stone and White Moor Stone Circle.

Other stone circles in this section of the moor include The Grey Wethers Stone Circles and Fernworthy Stone Circle.

Additional stone rows include Hurston Ridge/Chagford Common Stone Row and Cosdon (The Cemetery) Stone Row.