Dartmeet, Dartmoor National Park

Dartmeet, Dartmoor National Park
  • The East River Dart and West River Dart converge at Dartmeet to form the River Dart after which Dartmoor is named. The Dartmeet area is known for its high number of stepping stones on which you can cross the rivers when the water levels are relatively low
  • See Dartmeet's ruined clapper bridge, eat at Badgers Holt restaurant and tea room or picnic on a bank of the River Dart
  • Follow the north bank of the River Dart into the glorious Dart Gorge or cross stepping stones to yomp up the valley to tors and high moorland overlooking Dartmeet and the Dart Gorge
  • Wild swim in the River Dart. Spitchwick is downriver by New Bridge/Newbridge and is the most popular place to wild swim in Dartmoor National Park
  • Discover the many pretty Dartmoor villages in the eastern section of the National Park. Drive through Buckland-in-the-Moor on your way to Widecombe-in-the-Moor and Haytor Vale by Haytor Rocks
  • Main photo: Sherberton West Dart River Stepping Stones. This is one of the many sets of stepping stones in the Dartmeet area


The River Dart at Dartmeet

The East Dart River and West Dart River flow from the north moor and converge at Dartmeet to form the River Dart. The Dartmeet area is a Dartmoor beauty spot.


Stepping stones at Dartmeet

Dartmoor National Park is known for its high levels on rainfall. Many rivers and streams flow from the high moor to the coast. In addition to bridges, you can cross these rivers and streams on stepping stones. There are many sets of stepping stones in the Dartmeet area. These include:

Dartmeet Stepping Stones. Spanning the West Dart River just before it meets the East Dart River.

Huccaby Stepping Stones/Huccaby Steps. If the water is too high there, you'll have to cross the West Dart River at nearby Hexworthy Bridge. It's a bit of a detour but safe

Sherberton West Dart River Stepping Stones. This is the most beautiful set of stepping stones in the National Park. Only cross when water levels are low. Note that there's a nice wild swimming spot on the wide bend of the river by the stepping stones.

Sherberton River Swincombe Stepping Stones. Small set of stones crossing the River Swincombe.

Whilst these stepping stones pose no problems in dry months, they become trickier to cross after a period of rain. At times, they are impassable. Signs warn of this. They read: 'AFTER RAINFALL STEPPING STONES ARE IMPASSABLE. PLEASE DO NOT STRAY FROM PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY'.


Ruined clapper bridge at Dartmeet

Photograph the ruined clapper bridge spanning the East Dart River by the car park at Dartmeet.


Badgers Holt restaurant and tea rooms and picnics at Dartmeet

Enjoy a meal or cream tea at Badgers Holt by the East River Dart and the car park at Dartmeet.


The Dart Gorge by Dartmeet

The River Dart flows south and then east of Dartmeet to the Dart Gorge.

This is one of the most stunning areas of Dartmoor. We'd recommend spending time exploring the gorge and its surroundings.


Walks from Dartmeet

Follow the north bank of the River Dart from Dartmeet into the remarkable Dart Gorge.

Walk to the top of Sharp Tor (Dartmeet/East Dartmoor) for amazing views.

If you're up for a big walk, try the Dart Gorge Circular Walk which passes through Dartmeet.


Other outdoor activities from Dartmeet

In addition to walking, enjoy some of Dartmoor's many outdoor activities.

Try horse riding. Nearby Babeny Farm Riding Stables shut. Shilstone Rocks riding stable is by Widecombe-in-the-Moor.

Canoe the River Dart. Signs at Dartmeet read: 'Notice to canoeists. Sharing the River Dart. Canoeists are permitted to canoe on the River Dart downstream of Newbridge between 1st October and 15th March, and downstream of Dartmeet between 15th October and 15th March. There is no legal right to access the River Dart below Dartmeet outside of these dates. There is also no legal right to access the River Dart above Dartmeet at any time. Canoeists can enjoy the river below Dartmeet during the winter months when conditions are normally good. To canoe outside the above dates can disturb fish and spoil the river for anglers. Conditions can be hazardous. You canoe at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety. Please avoid shallow water. Making contact with the river bed or banks may damage important wildlife habitats. Dart Fisheries Association. Duchy of Cornwall. Working with the Environment Agency and Dartmoor National Park Authority.'

Mountain bike from Princetown on the Granite and Gears Princetown Railway Cycling Routes and Granite and Gears Princetown and Burrator Cycling Route.

Go climbing and bouldering at Bonehill Rocks and Hound Tor (East Dartmoor).


Wild swimming near Dartmeet

Wild swimming has become super popular on Dartmoor and in the UK. The River Dart offers some of the best places to wild swim in the National Park.

Spitchwick (Deeper Marsh/Spitchwick Common) attracts huge numbers of visitors.

If you want something a little quieter and out of the way, you need to walk into the Dart Gorge to Sharrah Pool and Mel Pool.


Tors near Dartmeet

Sharp Tor (Dartmeet/East Dartmoor). Fin of granite providing sublime views of the Dart Gorge.

Luckey Tor. The exposed face of this tor rises vertically from a large, flat grassy area by the River Dart in the Dart Gorge. The walk from Dartmeet along the northern bank of the river to Luckey Tor is wonderful.

Combestone Tor. One of Dartmoor's most easily accessible tors is just up the road from Dartmeet. There's a small car parking area at the tor.

Bench Tor. Continue from Combestone Tor to Venford Reservoir and walk out to Bench Tor that juts out into the Dart Gorge. Special place.


Great views in and around Dartmeet

Sharp Tor (Dartmeet/East Dartmoor) for the view south east over the Dart Gorge.

Combestone Tor for the view north over Dartmeet and east over the Dart Gorge.

Bench Tor for 360 views of the Dart Gorge, Princetown area and Dartmoor's south moor.


Pubs near Dartmeet

The Forest Inn is at Hexworthy just west of Dartmeet.

The Tavistock Inn is at Poundsgate just east of Dartmeet.


The high moor from Dartmeet

Yar Tor is located on an island of moorland on the east side of Dartmeet.

Ryder's Hill is the highest point on Dartmoor's south moor. Head for the car parking area at Combestone Tor and yomp up. Note that it can get very boggy around Ryder's Hill. The moor dries out after a period of sunny or windy weather.


Princetown, Two Bridges, Bellever and Postbridge from Dartmeet

Head into the heart of the National Park at Two Bridges, Princetown, Postbridge and Bellever.

The B3357 takes you to Two Bridges and Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve.

The B3212 runs south west of Two Bridges to Princetown or north east to Postbridge. Walk across Postbridge Clapper Bridge. Bellever Forest and Bellever Tor are impressive.


Discover Dartmoor's prehistory from Dartmeet

Yar Tor Stone Row is by Yar Tor above Dartmeet.

See our Best Dartmoor Prehistoric Sites listing for more information.


Widecombe-in-the-Moor from Dartmeet

Visit Widecombe-in-the-Moor and the Haytor Rocks area.


Exploring South Devon from Dartmeet

Drop down to Ashburton and then head into South Devon.

See one of our sister sites Love South Devon for more information on South Devon towns, villages, beaches etc.


Local towns and villages near Dartmeet

Dartmeet is surrounded by pretty villages. The obvious ones to try are Buckland-in-the-Moor and Widecombe-in-the-Moor.

Visit Ashburton and Buckfastleigh on Dartmoor's eastern border.