Two Bridges, Dartmoor National Park

Two Bridges, Dartmoor National Park
  • Two Bridges is a famous beauty spot in the heart of Dartmoor National Park near Princetown. It's the place from which most people walk to get to the remarkable Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve. Two Bridges is located where the trans-moorland B3212 and B3357 roads intersect so it's a super place from which to explore Dartmoor
  • Relax at Two Bridges Hotel. Enjoy a cream tea outside by the two bridges after which the area is named
  • Walk up the valley to Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve. Continue up the valley wall to stand on top of Longaford Tor
  • Take the B3212 to Princetown. Spend time at Princetown National Park Visitor Centre and Dartmoor Prison Museum. Alternatively drive the B3212 north east to Bellever Forest and Postbridge. Stand on Postbridge Clapper Bridge
  • Follow the B3357 west to Merrivale (English Heritage), Great Mis Tor and the Staple Tors or east to Dartmeet and the Dart Gorge
  • Main photo: Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve a short walk from Two Bridges and Two Bridges Hotel


Where is Two Bridges in Dartmoor National Park?

Two Bridges is a famous beauty spot in the heart of Dartmoor National Park near Princetown, Bellever and Postbridge. It's located where the trans-moorland B3212 and B3357 roads intersect so it's a super place from which to explore Dartmoor.

If you're on holiday in Dartmoor and are travelling around the National Park then it's highly likely you'll drive through the settlement.


Directions to Two Bridges

Follow the B3212 or B3357 to the heart of Dartmoor. Two Bridges is located where the roads intersect.

We've positioned Two Bridges on Google maps. Zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.


Parking in Two Bridges

There's plenty of parking at Two Bridges Hotel if you're staying or enjoying a cream tea.

There's a compact car park across the road in a disused quarry. This is at the bottom on the track that takes you up to Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve.


Why holiday or weekend break in Two Bridges?

To help you choose the Two Bridges area, we’ve listed some of the local attractions below.


Two Bridges Hotel at Two Bridges

Enjoy a cream tea at Two Bridges Hotel by the banks of the West Dart River.


Wistman’s Wood National Nature Reserve near Two Bridges

From Two Bridges Hotel, cross the B3212 and wander up the West Dart River valley to experience the extraordinary Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve. Wistman's Wood is a rare, high altitude oak woodland in a valley cut by the West Dart River upriver from Two Bridges and Two Bridges Hotel. It's by far the easiest of three rare, high altitude oak woodlands to visit on Dartmoor and gets crowded in holiday periods. Black-a-Tor Copse (in the north east section of the National Park below High Willhays) and Wistman's Wood are both National Nature Reserves. They are 'nationally important for the great variety of lichens and mosses that clothe the trees and rocks. The high humidity, mild winters and low levels of air pollution on Dartmoor provide perfect conditions for mosses and lichens. Some of the species found here are threatened with extinction in Europe, primarily because of air pollution’. (Information board at Black-a-Tor Copse National Nature Reserve)

Try the Wistman's Wood Circular Walk.


Dartmoor tors near Two Bridges

Experience remarkable views from the top of one of the many impressive tors in the local area.

Try Longaford Tor above Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve. The views from Longaford Tor are spectacular so, given that the tor is very easily accessible, we'd very much recommend visiting. The tor is roughly 3 kilometres north of Two Bridges and Two Bridges Hotel so it's not a demanding walk. 

Beardown Tors are west of the river. Start from the car parking area in the quarry across the road from Two Bridges Hotel. Follow the track and path to the northern end of Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve. Keep on the higher ground and then drop down to Wistman's Wood Ford. Cross the West Dart River. You'll see a weir to your left. Note that a path runs along the side of a leat and that's one possible route back in the direction from which you started. However, we'd recommend heading up to Beardown Tors for wonderful views over a remote section of Dartmoor's north moor. From Beardown Tors, follow the path marked on the Ordnance Survey app or the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map back down to the leat. You then cut through woodland and Beardown Farm before returning to Two Bridges just west of Two Bridges Hotel and the car parking area in the quarry. (Use the Ordnance Survey app or the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map when researching this route. Note that you have to cross the West Dart River and this can only be done safely when water levels are low. If rivers are in spate then don't try to cross them. Ordinarily, you head upriver to find a crossing but this doesn't apply on this walk. In short, only try this route after a period of dry weather.)

Great Mis Tor is a short drive away.

Great Staple Tor is one of the best tors in Dartmoor National Park.


Walks from Two Bridges

Wistman's Wood Circular Walk is a must if you're visiting the Two Bridges area.

Hardened walkers should try the Try the Lichway/Lych Way.


Dartmoor’s north moor from Two Bridges

Two Bridges sits below Dartmoor's north moor. Dartmoor is a small place and it's easy to explore on foot if you're a keen walker. We'd recommend experiencing places such as Fur Tor and High Willhays.


Dartmoor’s prehistory near Two Bridges

Dartmoor is internationally famous for its prehistoric sites.

Visit Merrivale (English Heritage). The B3357 skirts the prehistoric site. Two car parking areas provide very easy access. Stone rows, cairns, hut circles, cists, a standing stone and a stone circle are packed into a small area of moorland between Princetown and Tavistock on the western side of Dartmoor National Park.

Beardown Man Standing Stone is extraordinary but it's a stiff walk to the standing stone on the remote north moor.

Learn more about the National Park's prehistory at both Princetown National Park Visitor Centre and Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre.


Princetown near Two Bridges

Visit Princetown's Princetown National Park Visitor Centre.

Try some of Dartmoor's many outdoor activities. Mountain bike the Granite and Gears routes up at Princetown.

Go horse riding, wild swimming, canoeing, climbing and bouldering.


Burrator Reservoir area from Two Bridges

Discover Burrator Reservoir.

Walk the Burrator Reservoir Circular Walk.


Postbrige and Bellever from Two Bridges

Explore Bellever Forest and Bellever Tor.

Stand on Postbridge Clapper Bridge.


Merrivale and Tavistock from Two Bridges

Visit Tavistock which is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a gateway to the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Dartmeet and the Dart Gorge from Two Bridges

Drop down to Dartmeet and the magnificent Dart Gorge.


Other towns and villages near Two Bridges

For villages, try Postbridge and Bellever.

For towns, visit Tavistock, Moretonhampstead and Chagford.