The Forest Inn, Hexworthy, Dartmoor National Park

The Forest Inn, Hexworthy, Dartmoor National Park

High moor, rivers and stepping stones

The Forest Inn sits at the foot of Dartmoor's south moor. The West Dart River flows below on its way to meet the East Dart River at Dartmeet. Numerous sets of stepping stones span the rivers here. The extraordinary Dart Gorge is to the east. The Forest Inn is a great spot from which to experience Dartmoor's many different types of landscape.


Hexworthy and the B3357

The B3357 is a major trans-moorland road cutting across the heart of Dartmoor National Park. Near Dartmeet, a moorland road runs south of the B3357, passes over Hexworthy Bridge and then climbs steeply to The Forest Inn that's situated on a sharp bend in the road.



There's plenty of parking in front of the pub.


Pub garden

There's a pub garden by The Forest Inn.


Things to do around The Forest Inn

'Holiday in Dartmoor' helps visitors discover things to do and places to visit when exploring Dartmoor National Park. It's not a review site. This listing will help those looking to discover the area around The Forest Inn in addition to the pub's great food and drink.


Stepping stones

Sherberton West Dart River Stepping Stones.

Huccaby Stepping Stones/Huccaby Steps.

Dartmeet Stepping Stones.


Wild swimming

There are also nice spots to swim downstream of Dartmeet. Follow the north/left bank from the car parking area at Dartmeet

Spitchwick (Deeper Marsh/Spitchwick Common).

In addition to  Spitchwick (Deeper Marsh/Spitchwick Common), adventurous swimmers should try Sharrah Pool and Mel Pool.



Combestone Tor.

Bench Tor.

Sharp Tor (Dartmeet/East Dartmoor).


Dartmoor's south moor

Venford Reservoir.

Ryder's Hill.




Dart Gorge

Dart Gorge. One of the most beautiful places in Dartmoor National Park.