Cosdon (The Cemetery) Stone Row, South Zeal, Dartmoor National Park

Cosdon (The Cemetery) Stone Row, South Zeal, Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park has the highest concentration of stone rows in the UK. Information boards in the excellent Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre state that 60% of England's stone rows and 'a third of all stone rows in the UK and Brittany are on Dartmoor'.* Most of these are single or double stone rows. A smaller number are triple stone rows. Cosdon Stone Row, or 'The Cemetery', is a mgnificent example of the latter.

Situated on the east flank of Cosdon Hill in the northern section of Dartmoor National Park near the villages Sticklepath, South Zeal and Throwleigh, the location of the stone row also provides stunning views across large swathes of Devon. We'd put it close to the top of a list of stone rows we'd recommend visiting when on holiday in Dartmoor. The area of the Park in which it's located is also relatively under-visited so you often get the stone row to yourself.

We've positioned Cosdon (The Cemetery) Stone Row on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location. The stones and three rows are clearly visible on Google's satellite imagery.

To visit, we'd suggest you follow the footpath from South Zeal car park on to the moors. The footpath is marked on the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map as is the stone row and a cist by Cheriton Combe. The footpath crosses the row so it's very difficult to miss it. It's also fun to walk in from Shilstone Tor by Throwleigh. There's a small parking area by the tor and grass tracks cut across Throwleigh Common to Blackaton Brook and Cheriton Combe. You can also drop down from Cosdon Beacon to see the stone row.

Another impressive Dartmoor triple stone row we'd recommend visiting is Challacombe Stone Row. If this type of attraction is of interest, then also explore Hurston Ridge/Chagford Common Stone Row and Shovel Down Stone Rows, Down Tor Stone Row (Hingston Hill Stone Row) and Merrivale Stone Rows. Up on Stall Down is Stalldown Stone Row. In the heart of the south plateau is the world's longest stone row Stall Moor Stone Row.

*Source: Life, Death and Landscape board at Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre, Postbridge. Visit dated 8 August 2013.