The Grey Wethers Stone Circles, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park

The Grey Wethers Stone Circles, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park

Head west through the dense conifer plantations of Fernworthy Forest and you come to the edge of Dartmoor's high north plateau. In cold or dry months, long blond grass covers the moors. The giant granite blocks that form the two Grey Wethers Stone Circles jut out from this grass and shape a figure of eight on flat ground below Sittaford Tor. The Grey Wethers Stone Circles are one of a high number of stone circles, stone rows, cists and cairns in this area of Dartmoor National Park.

We've positioned the Grey Wethers Stone Circles on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see their location.


Recommended route to The Grey Wethers Stone Circles for the first time

To visit, we'd recommend walking through Fernworthy Forest. Follow the road from Chagford to Fernworthy Reservoir. The road runs around the edge of the reservoir and ends at a small parking area. From there, a track that is clearly marked on the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map extends to a gate that leads you on to the moors and then to the Grey Wethers Stone Circles.

There are quicker routes across the forest from the aforementioned car parking area that lead to other moorland gates but Fernworthy is criss-crossed with forestry roads and it's surprisingly easy to get lost so we'd advise you consult, and stick to the track marked on, the OS map.


Other routes to The Grey Wethers Stone Circles

Alternative routes to the Grey Wethers Stone Circles include a walk from Batworthy Corner, the Warren House Inn area and Postbridge. We've walked in with young children from these places to the stone circles so the routes are not particularly demanding.


Sittaford Tor

Whilst you are at the Grey Wethers Stone Circles, make sure you pop up to the top of Sittaford Tor. The views are exceptional.


Other prehistoric sites in the area

Other prehistoric sites in the area include Fernworthy Stone Circle and Fernworthy Assycombe Stone Row, Fernworthy Cairn Circle and Cist and Hurston Ridge/Chagford Common Stone Row.

Also visit the Shovel Down Stone Rows, the Long Stone Standing Stone (Shovel Down) and Scorhill Stone Circle.