Best Chagford Walks, Chagford, Dartmoor National Park

Best Chagford Walks, Chagford, Dartmoor National Park


Chagford sits below Meldon Hill. The views from up top are magnificent. Yomp up the hill from the centre of town or try the Meldon Hill Circular Walk.

It's a short walk from Chagford to the stunning Teign Gorge. Follow the Two Moors Way by the River Teign to the mouth of the gorge. Castle Drogo (National Trust) is high above to the gorge to the north. Whiddon Deer Park is to the south. The popular wild swimming spot Salmon Leaps, Castle Drogo Weir and Drewe's Pool is in between.

To extend this walk to the Teign Gorge, try the Chagford, Teign Gorge and Fingle Bridge Circular Walk.

If you're on holiday in Dartmoor in Spring, try the Whiddon Deer Park Bluebell Circular Walk. This walk is superb any time of year but the bluebells are a treat.


Teign Gorge

For those not wanting to walk from Chagford, you can explore the Teign Gorge from many other starting points. The most popular are Fingle Bridge and Castle Drogo. The Teign Gorge Circular Walk (Fingle Bridge to Castle Drogo) is a Dartmoor classic.

To get away from the crowds, walk the Deer Stalkers Paths on the southern wall of the gorge.


Fernworthy Reservoir

Chagford is located near one of the National Park's most beautiful reservoirs. Try the Fernworthy Reservoir Circular Walk.

For a big walk taking in Fernworthy Reservoir/Forest, high moor and prehistory, try the Six Stone Circles Circular Walk.


Dartmoor's north moor

Chagford sits below Dartmoor's north moor. The most popular walk is from Batworthy Corner to Scorhill Stone Circle.

We'd also recommend the Shilstone Tor, Cosdon Beacon and Cosdon (The Cemetery) Stone Row Circular Walk.