Six Stone Circles Circular Walk, Chagford, Dartmoor National Park

Six Stone Circles Circular Walk, Chagford, Dartmoor National Park

The Six Stone Circles Circular Walk, or the Fernworthy Stone Circle, The Grey Wethers Stone Circles, Sittaford Stone Circle, White Moor Stone Circle, Buttern Hill Stone Circle and Scorhill Stone Circle Circular Walk, is a big yomp on Dartmoor's north plateau. The walk covers a lot of moorland and prehistory and provides some awesome views.

Start at Fernworthy Forest. Drive past the main car park and follow the tarmac forest road as it skirts the reservoir. The road ends at a turning circle where limited parking is available. The road, and its end, are clearly visible on the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map. From there, follow the path that's marked by a broken green line on the OS map west through the forest.

The first stone circle, Fernworthy Stone Circle, appears to your right as you follow the forestry track. Continue along the track until you come to a gate at the edge of Fernworthy. You'll see the ruins of Teignhead Farm ahead of you and Sittaford Tor to the south west.

Continue on the path marked by the broken green line on the OS map to the second stone circle at The Grey Wethers Stone Circles.

From there, follow the wide, grass track that runs by the wall up to Sittaford Tor. The third stone circle, Sittaford Stone Circle, is a stroll away to the south west. You'll see a stone at an angle. The stone circle is to the right of that.

It's a big yomp over high moor to get to the next stone circle. There are many available routes but we'd recommend wandering back to Sittaford Tor and then following the wall down to Little Varracombe and then up to Quintin's Man. Walk to Whitehorse Hill taking note of the cist and use the peat path to get to Hangingstone Hill. This route between Sittaford Tor and Hangingstone Hill avoids a lot of the boggy high moorland.

From Hangingstone Hill, follow the broad ridge to Hound Tor. Beyond that is the fourth stone circle called White Moor Stone Circle.

A wide, grass track runs east to Buttern Hill Stone Circle which is the fifth stone circle.

You then drop down to the sixth, and last, stone circle in the walk which is Scorhill Stone Circle.

Cross Walla Brook and the North Teign River to look at the stone rows at Shovel Down. Head back to the gate at Fernworthy Forest and your car.