The Royal Oak Inn, Meavy, Dartmoor National Park

The Royal Oak Inn, Meavy, Dartmoor National Park

Great pub location

This is one of Dartmoor's great pub locations. The Warren House Inn is on high moorland. Fingle Bridge Inn is in a classic Dartmoor steep-sided valley. The Royal Oak Inn is in a picture-postcard village by the village green. Highly recommended when on holiday in Dartmoor National Park.


Things to do around The Royal Oak Inn

'Holiday in Dartmoor' helps visitors discover things to do and places to visit when exploring Dartmoor National Park. We are not a review site. This listing will help those looking to discover the area around Meavy and The Royal Oak Inn.


Burrator Reservoir

Burrator Reservoir.

Try the Burrator Reservoir Circular Walk.


Cadover Bridge

Cadover Bridge.


The Dewerstone/Dewerstone Valley and the Plym Valley

The Dewerstone.

Try the Dewerstone Valley Circular Walk.

Explore the Plym Valley (National Trust).


Drizzle Combe

Drizzle Combe (Drizzlecombe).


Drake's Trail

Drake's Trail.


The Garden House

The Garden House.


The National Trust's Buckland Abbey

Buckland Abbey (National Trust).


The Granite and Gears cycling routes

Granite and Gears Princetown Railway Cycling Routes.

Granite and Gears Princetown and Burrator Cycling Route.