Drizzle Combe (Drizzlecombe), Sheepstor, Dartmoor National Park

Drizzle Combe (Drizzlecombe), Sheepstor, Dartmoor National Park

Drizzle Combe is a short valley in the southern section of the Dartmoor National Park. It's situated between Burrator Reservoir and the high south moor. Cut by a brook, the area is known for its prehistoric sites and is part of the Upper Plym Valley (English Heritage). In his book 'High Dartmoor', the Dartmoor expert Eric Hemery goes as far as to say:

'On the plain downstream, striking in form and silhouette, are situated some of Britain's most interesting prehistoric monuments, unique in that the site remains practically unchanged, except for the inevitable tinners' diggings, since the Bronze Age - and is heavy with an atmosphere of a time long past.'


Points of interest at Drizzle Combe

Drizzle Combe Standing Stones.

Drizzle Combe Stone Rows.

Drizzle Combe Giant's Basin (and many other cairns).

Drizzle Combe Settlements.


Access to Drizzle Combe

From the Gutter Tor area. There's a car parking area at Sheepstor Brook Ford and Scout Hut Copse.

From Nun's Cross Farm.

From the Cadover Bridge area.

From Norsworthy Bridge/Burrator Reservoir.