Fingle Bridge Inn, Drewsteignton, Dartmoor National Park

Fingle Bridge Inn, Drewsteignton, Dartmoor National Park

Fingle Bridge beauty spot

Fingle Bridge is one of Dartmoor National Park's most popular beauty spots. The bridge spans the River Teign at the eastern end of the sublime Teign Gorge (National Trust). Fingle Bridge Inn sits on the north bank of the river overlooking bridge and water. Heavily wooded valley walls rise steeply. The setting is awesome.


Teign Gorge and Fingle Woods

The River Teign rises in two places on Dartmoor's north moor. The North Teign River and South Teign River meet near Chagford and flow to the mouth of the Teign Gorge where Castle Drogo (National Trust) stands high above Salmon Leaps, Castle Drogo Weir and Drewe's Pool. The River Teign flows east through the gorge to Fingle Bridge and Fingle Bridge Inn before continuing through Fingle Woods to Dunsford Local Nature Reserve and Steps Bridge. Fingle Bridge Inn is located in the heart of this landscape. The views, walking and local history are up there with the best in the National Park.



Whilst some people walk to Fingle Bridge Inn from Chagford, Dogmarsh Bridge or Castle Drogo (National Trust), most drive the skinny lanes that descend to the bridge. The easiest way to get there is to follow signs from the pretty village Drewsteignton. There's plenty of parking along the lane north of the pub. You can also cross the bridge and park on the south side of the River Teign but note that the bridge is narrow. Despite the large size of the two parking areas, it does get packed on summer days.


Pub garden

The pub garden is situated on terraces that run along the north bank of the River Teign in front of the pub. It's one of the best pub garden locations in Dartmoor National Park.


Things to do around Fingle Bridge Inn

'Holiday in Dartmoor' helps visitors discover things to do and places to visit when exploring Dartmoor National Park. It's not a review site. This listing will help those looking to discover the area around Fingle Bridge Inn in addition to the pub's great food and drink.



We'd very much recommend visiting Fingle Bridge Inn having completed the Teign Gorge Circular Walk (Fingle Bridge to Castle Drogo). On route, you can pop into Castle Drogo (National Trust).

If you fancy a long walk that stops at Fingle Bridge Inn then try Chagford, Teign Gorge and Fingle Bridge Circular Walk.


Dartmoor attractions

Castle Drogo (National Trust).

Stone Lane Gardens and Mythic Garden Sculpture Exhibition.



Sharp Tor (Teign Gorge/North East Dartmoor).

Hunter's Tor (Teign Gorge/North East Dartmoor).


Iron Age forts

Cranbrook Castle Hillfort.

Wooston Castle Hillfort.

Prestonbury Castle Hillfort.


Prehistoric sites

Spinster's Rock.



The Hunter's Path runs along the top of the Teign Gorge on the north side of the River Teign. Whilst the path offers about 2km of sensational views, we think the best are around Sharp Tor (Teign Gorge/North East Dartmoor).


Outdoor activities

Salmon Leaps, Castle Drogo Weir and Drewe's Pool.



Dunsford Local Nature Reserve.

Salmon Leaps, Castle Drogo Weir and Drewe's Pool.


Local villages and towns