Sourton Tors, Sourton, Dartmoor National Park

Sourton Tors, Sourton, Dartmoor National Park

Sourton is a small village on the A386 road that skirts the western side of Dartmoor National Park's high moors. Sourton Tors are a collection of rocky outcrops that rise on steps of moorland above the village.

The number of outcrops and the fact that they are dispersed across steps of moorland make the tors particularly impressive. What makes them essential visiting is the huge view west over the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty into Cornwall. The location is magnificent at sunset.

We've positioned Sourton Tors on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see their location. You can walk to the tors from many directions. Perhaps the easiest route is from the car parking area by the church in Sourton across the road from the pub. From there, you follow a path that runs along a bridge that spans the Granite Way to a gate that leads you out onto the moor. Sourton Tors rise in front of you. Wide tracks run through bracken and long grass to the outcrops. There's a trig point at the top but you'll need to yomp up the steps of moorland.

Another easy route is from the car parking area at Prewley Moor. You can also walk up from Bearslake Inn although the first section is steep. In addition, we've wandered across from the car park at Meldon Reservoir following the West Devon Way. From this direction, you pass the Sourton Tors Ice Works.

It's fun to walk the King Way from the car parking area near The Dartmoor Inn. Clearly, it's also possible to drop down from Corn Ridge or the Great Links Tor area.