Upper Plym Valley (English Heritage), Sheepstor, Dartmoor National Park

Upper Plym Valley (English Heritage), Sheepstor, Dartmoor National Park

The English Heritage Handbook states that the Upper Plym Valley has 'some 300 Bronze Age and medieval sites, covering 6 square miles of Dartmoor landscape'.

Roughly speaking, these sites can be found on the moor between Plym Head and Cadover Bridge. Between these two points of interest, the River Plym flows from high moor towards the south western border of Dartmoor National Park.


Attractions here include

Drizzle Combe Standing Stones.

Drizzle Combe Stone Rows.

Drizzle Combe Giant's Basin.

Drizzle Combe Settlements.

Trowlesworthy Stone Rows.

Eylesbarrow Tin Mine (Disused).

Cadover Bridge Cross.


Access points to the Upper Plym Valley

Nun's Cross Farm/Whiteworks. The Upper Plym Valley runs north east to south west. The car parking areas along the moorland road between Princetown and Whiteworks offer access to Nun's Cross Farm and then the Drizzle Combe area. Follow the good path that rises to Eylesbarrow Tin Mine (Disused) as marked on the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map and then drop down into the valley.

Norsworthy Bridge. You can wander across from the Burrator Reservoir area. We'd suggest starting from the car parking area at Norsworthy Bridge.

Gutter Tor. There's a car parking area below Gutter Tor that's marked on the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map. This is arguably the easiest way to access the Upper Plym Valley.

Cadover Bridge. This provides easy access to the south west section of the Upper Plym Valley. Note that there are lots of car parking areas here. For example, you can explore the Trowlesworthy Stone Rows from the car parking area by Blackaton Cross (Restored). You also get fine views of the china clay works.