Princetown National Park Visitor Centre, Princetown, Dartmoor National Park

Princetown National Park Visitor Centre, Princetown, Dartmoor National Park

Family attraction

If you're on holiday in Dartmoor and want to learn more about the National Park, we'd recommend spending half a day at the Princetown National Park Visitor Centre. High quality displays, information boards and videos guide you through the story of the moors and its people, its wildlife and geology.

Princetown National Park Visitor Centre is located next to the spacious car park in the centre of this moorland town. It's housed in a grand building that's difficult to miss. We've positioned the visitor centre on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.

You enter through a shop. To begin, information boards describe the formation of Dartmoor in deep time. You are then introduced to the National Park's extraordinary prehistory and history through three digital reconstructions of scenes on Dartmoor through the millennia. The artist has done an amazing job with them so take time to study their content as they'll help you visualise many of the features you'll see as you explore the moors.

Holiday in Dartmoor is part of a company that runs various UK travel sites. We've travelled extensively across the UK and members of the team have lived in areas such as Salisbury Plain that is known for its prehistoric sites. In our opinion, Dartmoor has the most remarkable prehistoric landscape in the UK and the visitor centre does a great job in telling its story in the displays and videos that follow the digital reconstructions.

Having learnt about Dartmoor's geology and prehistory, you are introduced to the various industries that have thrived on the moors. Whilst agriculture, tourism and the British Army dominate the Park today, the moors once supported an important mining industry. You'll see plenty of evidence of this as you move around the Park.

Next, you can learn about the National Park's flora and fauna before discovering its rich cultural heritage. We'd urge you to listen to some of the voices from the moors. There's a fascinating collection of old photos that provide insight into life on the moors.

Last, there are several rooms providing information and leaflets on things to do and places to visit in Dartmoor and the wider area. You leave through the shop that stocks great local books and products.

Note that there are other visitor centres and museums around the Park. Visit Haytor Visitor Centre, Postbridge Visitor Centre and the superb Museum of Dartmoor Life. The latter is packed with information.