Sittaford Stone Circle, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park

Sittaford Stone Circle, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park

Spring 2015 saw huge media and social media coverage of the 'discovery' of a stone circle near Sittaford Tor on Dartmoor's north plateau. This coverage was the result of archaeological exploration of the site. The stone circle itself was discovered years before the exploration. It's a remarkable location and well worth the stiff walk to see it.

As a note of warning, we've crossed Winney's Down from Sittaford Tor to the East Dart River on dozens of occasions over the years and never noticed the circle even after its excavation so do plenty of research before you go. We'd suggest you zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting of the accompanying Google map to see its exact location. You can just about make out a sweep of stones in that satellite imagery. At the time of writing in 2015, the circle was not marked on the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map. Browse our photo gallery for further visual information.

According to Dartmoor National Park Authority, it's the highest stone circle in southern England and the second largest on Dartmoor. Dating from the late Neolithic/early Bronze Age some 5000-4000 years ago, it's also the first stone circle to be discovered on the moors for over a 100 years. Note that a stone row was uncovered even higher up on Dartmoor's north plateau at the National Park's third highest peak Cut Hill.

Sittaford Stone Circle is one of a number of stone circles in this section of the National Park. Moving anti-clockwise from Sittaford Stone Circle, these are The Grey Wethers Stone Circles, Fernworthy Stone Circle, Scorhill Stone Circle, Buttern Hill Stone Circle and White Moor Stone Circle. As is the case with Buttern Hill Stone Circle, the granites at Sittaford are mainly flat on the moorland.

To visit Sittaford Stone Circle, we'd recommend walking out from either Fernworthy Forest or Postbridge. Follow the path clearly marked as a broken green line on the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map to Sittaford Tor. From there, stroll south west for a few minutes and you'll see a stone set at an angle from the ground as pictured in the photo gallery. The circle is to the right of this.