Birch Tor, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park

Birch Tor, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park

There are a number of places on Dartmoor that attract lots of visitors. The Haytor Rocks area, for example, is packed in the holiday season. Burrator Reservoir can turn into a car park on sunny summer weekends. The Warren House Inn area is another busy spot. Southern England's highest pub, The Warren House Inn, is located on the side of the B3212 which is the main trans-moorland Dartmoor road. It's a stunning area. Birch Tor is the local tor.

If you're visiting The Warren House Inn for lunch or a drink then make sure you wander up to Birch Tor as the views are huge and impressive. The tor is also surrounded by a large number of historic and prehistoric attractions from English Heritage's Grimspound to a rare triple stone row, a deserted medieval hamlet to the famous Bennett's Cross.

We've positioned Birch Tor on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.


Recommended route to Birch Tor for the first time

To visit, head for The Warren House Inn. Wander up to Bennett's Cross. From there, follow the Two Moors Way up to the broad ridge on which Birch Tor sits. The Two Moors Way here is a good path and Birch Tor is very obvious on the horizon to the right as you walk.

Other, more direct, paths cut across the ancient mining landscape from Bennett's Cross to Birch Tor. You can also wander direct from The Warren House Inn through the remains of Vitifer Mine to Headland Warren. Again, paths rise to Birch Tor here. To make this into a circular walk from The Warren House Inn, continue along the broad ridge to the Two Moors Way. Drop down to Bennett's Cross and return to the pub.

There are plenty of other routes you can follow to Birch Tor.


Routes and directions to Birch Tor from the north west

From the north west. You can walk in from Fernworthy Forest. Drive from Chagford to the main car park at Fernworthy Forest. Wander over to the Two Moors Way on Hurston Ridge. Pass by Hurston Ridge/Chagford Common Stone Row and continue on the Two Moors Way to Bennett's Cross and yomp up to the broad ridge on which Birch Tor sits.


Routes and directions to Birch Tor from the east

From the east. There's limited parking on the moorland road that runs between the B3212 and Challacombe. Use the Two Moors Way or the path that runs through Headland Warren Farm to Headland Warren. For a longer walk, start at the car park by Hound Tor. Head for Jay's Grave, Natsworhty and then Grimspound before connecting with the Two Moors Way.


Routes and directions to Birch Tor from the south

From the south. You can approach the broad ridge on which Birch Tor sits via Challacombe Medieval Hamlet and along the bottom of Challacombe Medieval Strip Fields or via Golden Dagger Mine.