Plym Bridge, Plymouth, Dartmoor National Park

Plym Bridge, Plymouth, Dartmoor National Park

Plym Bridge spans the River Plym at the southern end of Plymbridge Woods just beyond the south western border of Dartmoor National Park.

We've positioned Plym Bridge on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.

There's a large car parking area next to the end of the railway line by Plym Bridge. According to a local information board, 'Victorian visitors would alight from trains at the halt (which is now the car park behind you) to stroll in the woodland and beside the river'.

Plym Bridge is on Drake's Trail that runs between Tavistock and Plymouth. This is great for cycling.

The River Plym around Plym Bridge is popular with swimmers.

Clearly, the Plym Bridge area is also popular with walkers. Follow Drake's Trail to Cann Viaduct and beyond.

Note that Cann Viaduct, just north of Plym Brigde, is a great place to see peregrine falcons. This is why you'll see a sculpture of a peregrine falcon near Plym Bridge.