Great Links Tor Circular Walk, Lydford, Dartmoor National Park

Great Links Tor Circular Walk, Lydford, Dartmoor National Park

Superb walk to one of Dartmoor's best tors and views

This is a superb walk on the western side of Dartmoor National Park close to the National Trust's Lydford Gorge.

The views west over the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty into Cornwall are great as are those from the tops of Great Links Tor and Hare Tor back into the heart of Dartmoor.


How far is the walk and how long will it take?

The walk is roughly 10 km/6 m in length.

The Ordnance Survey app states that this takes 2.45 hrs. We tend to cover a moorland mile in 30 mins so would plan for 3 hrs walking.


What's the walking like?

You're walking open moorland on the wilder, western side of Dartmoor. It's a bit of an uphill slog to get to Great Links Tor but in the scheme of things it's easy walking.


Is there a path?

Yes and no. There are wide grass tracks and grass paths created by walkers that link the tors. This is typical of Dartmoor's high moor.

Note that you can see these tracks and grass paths created by walkers on Google's satellite imagery.


Is it well signposted?

No. You're walking open moorland. As ever, we'd recommend studying the Ordnance Survey app, Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map or Harvey Mountain Map Dartmoor map for detail.

Take Ordnance Survey or Harvey Mountain Map mapping and a compass with you.


Start from the moorland car park behind The Dartmoor Inn

Start from the car park behind The Dartmoor Inn. This is located on the moor and is clearly visible on Google's satellite imagery.

It's actually surprisingly difficult to find this spacious car park. Basically, it's a track off the A386 opposite the turning for Lydford and next to The Dartmoor Inn. Drive up the track and open/close the gate and you'll see the car park in front of you. To help, we've located the marker on the Google map provided.


Crossing the River Lyd

Once parked, head down to the River Lyd.

Use the stepping stones or bridge to cross the water.

Note that the River Lyd downriver of these stepping stones and bridge is a popular wild swimming spot if you fancy a cooling dip before or after your walk.


Bray Tor (Brat Tor) and Widgery Cross

Follow the steep-ish path that climbs north of Bray Tor (Brat Tor). This is marked on Ordnance Survey mapping. When you're level with the rocky outcrop, wander across to see Widgery Cross on the tor.

There are other tracks that climb direct to Bray Tor (Brat Tor) but the one marked on Ordnance Survey mapping is the easiest to walk.


Great Links Tor

From Bray Tor (Brat Tor), follow one of the paths that cut across the moor to the impressive Great Links Tor.

You can scramble up to the trig point topping one of the outcrops to enjoy immense views of Dartmoor, the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Cornwall.


Sharp Tor and Hare Tor

You'll see two peaks to the south.  Head towards Sharp Tor (West Dartmoor) and Hare Tor on one of the grass tracks running across this section of high moor.

From Hare Tor, there's a great view of Ger Tor and the lip of Tavy Cleave.


Hare Tor to Bray Tor (Brat Tor) and then the River Lyd

From Hare Tor, we'd recommed heading back to Bray Tor (Brat Tor) before dropping down to the Lyd to return to the car park.

Note that there are many routes back to the car park from Hare Tor. You can walk the southern side of Bray Tor (Brat Tor) or return via Doe Tor. They're all easy routes so pick a grass path when you're there. You have to cross the skinny Doetor Brook whichever route you take.


Extending this walk to Ger Tor/Tavy Cleave

If you fancy extending the walk, we'd suggest you drop down from Hare Tor to Ger Tor/Tavy Cleave before heading back to the Bray Tor (Brat Tor) area.

The view from Ger Tor up Tavy Cleave to Fur Tor is superb.