Sharpitor (Lustleigh Cleave/East Dartmoor) and Nut Crackers, Lustleigh, Dartmoor National Park

Sharpitor (Lustleigh Cleave/East Dartmoor) and Nut Crackers, Lustleigh, Dartmoor National Park

Lustleigh Cleave is one of the most beautiful sections of wooded valley in Dartmoor National Park. Its broad ridge is lined with rocky outcrops and tors. At the north west end of the ridge is Hunter's Tor. Towards the south east end are Sharpitor and the logan stone called Nut Crackers.

In his 'Guide to Dartmoor', the Dartmoor expert William Crossing wrote that from Sharpitor 'we have a fine view of the cleave, by which term is now comprehended the romantic valley from above Foxworthy to Hisley Wood ... On the tor is a logan bearing the name of the Nutcrackers, one which is applied to most of the moving stones on the moor, and on the slope are one or two other "logging" rocks'.

We've positioned Sharpitor (Lustleigh Cleave/East Dartmoor) and Nut Crackers on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see their location.

To visit for the first time, we'd recommend starting from Hammerslake outside Lustleigh as marked on the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map. There's parking along the road at Hammerslake. A waymarker points you up through woods to the broad ridge. Sharpitor and Nut Crackers are the first rocky outcrops you come to on that ridge. They're surrounded by trees so there's a bit of work to explore them.

If you enjoy exploring Sharpitor and Nut Crackers, we'd suggest you continue north west along the broad ridge to Harton Chest and then Lustleigh Cleave Lookout Rock (1) and Lustleigh Cleave Lookout Rock (2). The views are extraordinary over Lustleigh Cleave and the Bovey Valley to South Devon. Be very careful when exploring these places as there are big drops. These rocky outcrops are potentially very dangerous places.