Holne Moor, Holne, Dartmoor National Park

Holne Moor, Holne, Dartmoor National Park

Holne is a village on Dartmoor. Holne Moor is an area of moorland above the village on the National Park's south moor. It's very popular with walkers, fringes the amazing Dart Gorge and is packed with points of interest.

We've positioned Holne Moor on Google maps. Zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.

To explore Holne Moor for the first time, we'd recommend heading to one of the car parking areas from Venford Reservoir to Combestone Tor. Various tracks cut across the moor.

Alternatively, you can walk from Holne and its pub/tea room. Wander down Michelcombe Lane and connect with the ancient Sandy Way (Track).

Points of interest on and around Harford Moor include:

Venford Reservoir
Horn's Cross and the Buckfast to Tavistock Monastic Route
Holne Moor Stone Rows
Ryder's Hill
Bench Tor and the Dart Gorge