Hexworthy Bridge, Hexworthy, Dartmoor National Park

Hexworthy Bridge, Hexworthy, Dartmoor National Park

Hexworthy is a hamlet located at the foot of Dartmoor's south moor. The West Dart River flows by Hexworthy on its way to meet the East Dart River at Dartmeet. There are numerous sets of stepping stones on this stretch of the West Dart River. The safest crossing point is the pretty Hexworthy Bridge.

If the West Dart River is in spate, Hexworthy Bridge is the only safe crossing place in this area. The bridge at Dartmeet spans the East Dart River.

Stepping stones near Hexworthy Bridge include Sherberton West Dart River Stepping Stones, Huccaby Stepping Stones/Huccaby Steps and Dartmeet Stepping Stones.

Note that this is a popular spot for wild swimmers. There's an area covered with granite slabs and coarse sand on the bend in the river. You'll often find families with young kids playing in the water. Limited parking is available just north of the bridge.

Other wild swimming spots in the local area include the bend in the West Dart River upstream of Sherberton West Dart River Stepping Stones and in the combined River Dart downstream of Dartmeet Bridge. Much further downstream, Sharrah Pool is popular with the most enthusiastic wild swimmers and Spitchwick pulls in the families.

The Forest Inn is a pub just up the steep road from Hexworthy Bridge.