IIMW Sculpture, Drewsteignton, Dartmoor National Park

IIMW Sculpture, Drewsteignton, Dartmoor National Park

Explore the north eastern section of Dartmoor National Park and you'll come across plenty of sculptures by Peter Randall-Page. Some are situated on the route of the long distance path Two Moors Way. The IIMW Sculpture is close to the border of Dartmoor National Park. II = Two, M = Moors and W = Way, hence Two Moors Way. The sculpture sits at the bottom of an ancient track but faces in the direction of a sister sculpture on the border of Exmoor National Park near Badlake Moor Cross between West Anstey and Hawkridge and south of the famous Tarr Steps.

We've positioned the Dartmoor IIMW Sculpture on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.

To visit, follow the Two Moors Way as marked on Ordnance Survey maps from Chagford or Castle Drogo (National Trust) or the village Drewsteignton. You'll pass the Secret Place Sculpture on your way.

The section describing the IIMW Sculpture on Peter Randall-Page's website reads:

'This two part sculpture celebrates the vision of Joe Turner, who created the Two Moor's Way for all to enjoy. It was formed by cutting a boulder in half and each cut face is a mirror image of the other. One half is sited at West Anstey as the Two Moor's Way enters the Exmoor National Park from the south. The other is sited 30 miles away to the south, as the Two Moor's Way leaves the Dartmoor National Park, 2 miles to the north of Drewsteigtnon. Commissioned by Devon County Council.'

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