Ten Tors Challenge, Dartmoor, Dartmoor National Park

Ten Tors Challenge, Dartmoor, Dartmoor National Park

Head out onto Dartmoor during Winter and early Spring and you'll see groups of teenagers fully kitted out yomping the moors. They're practicing for, arguably, Dartmoor's most famous event, the Ten Tors Challenge.

Every May, thousands of teenagers converge on Okehampton Camp, in sight of West Mill Tor and Yes Tor, to prepare for the event. Having had their gear checked rigorously, they camp Friday night before heading out onto the moors early Saturday morning to begin the challenge.

Roughly 400 teams, each with six members, are challenged to complete a long distance trek that takes in ten of Dartmoor's tors. Dependent on the age of the members of a team, the trek covers 35, 45 or 55 miles. Each team has to take its own food, water, kit and shelter and they must wild camp on Saturday night.

Given the number of teams facing the challenge, there are 26 potential routes.

If you're planning a holiday in Dartmoor National Park at this time of year, we'd urge you to watch the start or return of the teams. The vibe is wonderful.