River Swincombe, Dartmoor, Dartmoor National Park

River Swincombe, Dartmoor, Dartmoor National Park

By Dartmoor standards, this is a short river that rises on the edge of the National Park's south plateau and meets the West Dart River in Dartmoor's central bowl near Hexworthy.

The river rises at Swincombe Head above what the Harvey British Mountain Map 'Dartmoor' map refers to as Sunshine. Valley. This is a very remote and boggy section of Dartmoor on which other rivers rise. Plym Head is to the south west. Avon Head (Aune Head) and Avon Head Mires (Aune Head Mires) are to the east.

From its headwaters, the River Swincombe flows past Foxtor Farm and Childe's Tomb to the infamous Foxtor Mires. There, the river is joined by Strane River at Swincombe Headweir Ford. Note that the Buckfast to Tavistock Monastic Route crosses the River Swincombe up by Foxtor Farm and Childe's Tomb. The North-South (Track) Ancient Travel Route crosses the river at Swincombe Headweir Ford.

From Swincombe Headweir Ford, the river bends sharply north east and tumbles through a beautiful valley towards Swincombe Reservoir. The area around the reservoir is boggy so if you want to explore this area then walk by Wheal Emma Leat (Dry Channel).

The river slows and runs past Swincombe to Swincombe Bridge (Swincombe Fairy Bridge/Swincombe Ford Bridge). This is the only truly safe crossing point on the river when the river is in spate. The ancient Tavistock to Ashburton Packhorse Track passes through here.

After a dry spell, you can cross the river at Sherberton River Swincombe Stepping Stones.

Where the River Swincombe meets the West Dart River are the stunning Sherberton West Dart River Stepping Stone.