Teign Gorge and Fingle Woods to Steps Bridge Walk, Chagford, Dartmoor National Park

Teign Gorge and Fingle Woods to Steps Bridge Walk, Chagford, Dartmoor National Park

You can pretty much follow the River Teign from the mouth of the Teign Gorge below the National Trust's Castle Drogo all the way east to Steps Bridge at the far end of Fingle Woods. Whilst it seems like a long way, you're walking by a river so it's reasonably flat. About 20km there and back (detours extend/shorten the route), it takes us six hours to walk with youngish kids. Clearly, if you organise transport at either end it's only half of that.

Start at either Chagford or Dogmarsh Bridge. Follow the Two Moors Way to the mouth of the Teign Gorge at Iron Bridge. The National Trust's Castle Drogo is above on a spur of land. Salmon Leaps, Castle Drogo Weir and Drewe's Pool is in front of you.

Walk the Fisherman's Path on the north bank of the river down to Fingle Bridge and Fingle Bridge Inn. On this stretch of the walk, you pass under the stunning Sharp Tor. (You can use the path on the south bank between Iron Bridge and Fingle Bridge but it's less pretty.)

Cross Fingle Bridge and follow the south bank of the Teign through Fingle Woods to Clifford Bridge. If you have time, detour up the steep path to Wooston Castle Hillfort.

Cross Clifford Bridge and walk north of the river through Dunsford Nature Reserve. There's a short section of road walking by Clifford Bridge. Dunsford Nature Reserve is known for the show of wild daffodils in early Spring. The village of Dunsford is beyond Steps Bridge. Turn around and walk back.

Note that from Clifford Bridge you can walk south of the river. A new track has been created that runs down to the edge of the National Trust's Cod Wood/St Thomas Cleave Wood. A permissive pass used to connect National Trust land to the car park at Steps Bridge. This was closed on 1st April 2016. Local signs read: 'Footpath closed from 1st April. Please note the permissive footpath beyond this point is closed from 1st April 2016. This is at the request of the landowner. Please respect this closure. If you have queries or concerns about his please email: recreation@dartmoor.gov.uk'. Whilst it's a slog you can follow a track up the south valley wall of Cod Wood. You cross the busy B3212 and drop down to Steps Bridge through Bridford Wood. Nice walk.

There are plenty of places to stop on your way. There are pubs in Chagford, at Fingle Bridge and Dunsford. Mill End Hotel is by the mouth of Teign Gorge. Castle Drogo has a great cafe.