Kestor Rock, Chagford, Dartmoor National Park

Kestor Rock, Chagford, Dartmoor National Park

If you're on holiday in the Chagford area of Dartmoor National Park and want to start exploring the high moors, we'd recommend following the narrow road that winds up to Batworthy Corner. As this road flattens out when it reaches the moors, you'll see a large granite outcrop to your left. This is Kestor Rock.

There are various parking spots along the road including a large, grass area just down from Round Pound that's accessible in the drier months when the ground is hard. There's also a parking area at the end of the road by Batworthy Corner but it's small and can get full in good weather.

From these parking spots, various grass tracks lead up to Kestor Rock. Scamper up to the top for exceptional views of the nothern and eastern sections of Dartmoor National Park.

You'll see the high north plateau running from Cosdon Hill across to Hangingstone Hill. Between these two vast, shallow domes of moorland are tors including Steeperton Tor, Wild Tor and Watern Tor. Fernworthy Forest dominates the skyline as your gaze moves around to Thornworthy Tor. You'll then see Meldon Hill above Chagford and the National Trust's Castle Drogo at the mouth of the Teign Gorge. There are also massive views over Mid Devon to Exmoor National Park.

You'll notice rock basins on top of Kestor Rock. There are more on Middle Tor which is the flat outcrop to the south east. We'd recommend wandering down to Middle Tor and then Frenchbeer Rock. From there, head back towards Kestor Rock but, before you get there, trend west on one of the grass tracks to Long Stone and then the amazing Shovel Down Stone Rows. You're back at Batworthy Corner.