Rowtor, Belstone, Dartmoor National Park

Rowtor, Belstone, Dartmoor National Park

Most accessible large tor on Dartmoor's north moor 

This is arguably the most accessible large tor on Dartmoor's north moor so if you want to get up reasonably high with little effort then this tor is for you.

Located next to a large car parking area on the army ring road above Okehampton and Okehampton Camp, grass tracks rise across moorland to its rocky outcrops.


Location of Rowtor

Dartmoor has two sections of high moor separated by a central bowl. The north moor covers the high ground between the B3212/B3357 and places such as Belstone and Okehampton. Rowtor is located above Okehampton and Okehampton Camp on the edge of the high moor.

We've positioned Rowtor on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.


Directions to, and parking at, Rowtor

To visit, head for Okehampton. You'll come to a crossroads in the centre of town. Take George Street and Station Road but instead of branching off to Okehampton Station, continue all the way up to the moor on Tors Road which turns into Camp Road. These are marked on Google maps and are visible on the satellite setting so take a quick look before you go. You'll cross a bridge over the A30, pass a house named Klondyke on the Ordnance Survey app  or Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map and then Okehampton Camp appears after a sharp bend in the road.

Drive past the army hut, cross Moor Brook and continue south east. You'll see Rowtor in front of you.

The road rises and then flattens out and there's a large car parking area to your right. Paths leading up the rocky outcrops are obvious.

Note that Rowtor is in a British Army firing range. Google firing times for the Okehampton Range before going.


Recommended route to Rowtor for the first time

Start from the car park below Rowtor. Follow the very obvious wide, grass tracks in front of you. It takes a couple of minutes to walk from the car park to the granite outcrops.


The views from Rowtor

To the south, Rowtor overlooks the disused army railway once used for anti-tank practice as featured on the BBC's 'Secret Britain' programme first broadcast in April 2016.

To the south west are West Mill with Yes Tor and High Willhays beyond.

To the south and south east are East Mill Tor, Okement Hill and Hangingstone Hill.

To the east are Belstone Tors and the vast bulk of Cosdon Hill.


The area around Rowtor

Rowtor car park is basically the entrance to a giant outdoor playground.

The tor is located by the army ring road. You can walk to Dartmoor's highest points at Yes Tor and High Willhays or mountain bike all the way up to the north plateau at Okement Hill.


Places to eat and drink near Rowtor

Rowtor is on Dartmoor's north moor so there are no pubs or cafes in the immediate vicinity.

Tors like Rowtor and nearby West Mill Tor are great for a picnic.

Head back down to Okehampton for plenty of places to eat and drink.