River Dart Country Park, Ashburton, Dartmoor National Park

River Dart Country Park, Ashburton, Dartmoor National Park

The River Dart Country Park is an area of woodland and parkland in the eastern section of Dartmoor National Park. The country park is named after the River Dart that flows through its grounds.

This listing provides information on the country park from the perspective of a day visitor. Note that you can also holiday at River Dart Country Park. Book a pitch at their touring and camping site or stay at the bed and breakfast in Holne Park House. This is the large country house at the heart of the attraction.

To visit River Dart Country Park, follow the A38 to Ashburton. Brown signs direct you to the attraction. We've positioned the country park on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location. A long driveway takes you to kiosks where you pay to enter. The driveway rises over a bridge. You'll see a campsite to your left and various outdoor activities to your right. The driveway arcs towards Holne Park House where you'll find plenty of parking.

River Dart Adventures is an outdoor attraction within the country park. Most day visitors come for this. It's a mix of free and paid activities. Click through to the listing to learn more.

There are woodland and river walks, a restaurant and shop.