Lydford Tor, Princetown, Dartmoor National Park

Lydford Tor, Princetown, Dartmoor National Park

The Lichway/Lych Way runs, roughly speaking, between Bellever Forest in the heart of Dartmoor to Lydford on the western border of the National Park. For centuries, people working the moors had to carry their dead across the moors to bury them at Lydford Church. Lydford Tor is situated by the Lichway/Lych Way on the fringe on Dartmoor's north plateau. We've positioned Lydford Tor on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location. The tor is within the Merrivale Range where the British Army trains so check firing times before you go. You'll see red flags and hear gunfire anyway if you do mistakenly approach a live firing range.

There are many ways to get to Lydford Tor. If you can, it's great fun to walk the Lichway/Lych Way. There's lots of parking in Bellever Forest although you can also park at the side of the B3212 between Postbridge and Powder Mills and pick up the Lichway/Lych Way as it passes through the old gunpowder workings at Powder Mill and then climbs to Longaford Tor. From Longaford, you then drop down to Wistman's Wood Ford where you cross the West Dart River before climbing steeply to Lydford Tor. Note that this route is only possible after a spell of dry weather. We've walked it on many occasions after wet weather and have found the West Dart River impassable. Again, remember that you are walking into a firing range so check if it's open first.

If time is short, start from the car parking area at Holming Beam. Drop down to the footbridge that spans the River Cowsic before following one of the tracks that rise to Beardown Tors. You connect with tracks that head north to Lydford Tor.

You can also walk in from the car parking area across the road from Two Bridges Hotel. Paths run up either side of the West Dart River. If you walk the eastern side of the river to Wistman's Wood, you'll have to ford the river as described above. If you walk the western side of the river, you climb to Beardown Tors and connect with the tracks that lead across to Lydford Tor.

Whilst you are there, we'd recommend walking north to Beardown Man Standing Stone by Devil's Tor. You cross boggy terrain but the views are exceptional.