Foxtor Farm, Princetown, Dartmoor National Park

Foxtor Farm, Princetown, Dartmoor National Park

Foxtor Farm is a collection of ruined buildings and enclosures east of the infamous Foxtor Mires. Fox Tor, a series of rocky outcrops on the edge of Dartmoor's south plateau, is to the south. Today, the farm ruins are in a remote and quiet area of the National Park. On the route of ancient paths and near a number of disused tin mines, it once would have been a busy place.

We've positioned Foxtor Farm on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.

To visit, start from one of the parking areas off the Princetown to Whiteworks road. Drop down to Nun's Cross Farm and follow Devonport Leat east. Shortly, you come to a farm wall that runs south of Foxtor Mires. Tracks runs on either side of the farm wall to Foxtor Farm.

Whilst the above is the easiest route in, we'd recommend following the Buckfast to Tavistock Monastic Route which runs past the farm. It's a stunning route and you'll encounter lots of Dartmoor's famous old crosses. Mount Misery Cross is above the farm. Childe's Tomb is just west.

Note that the North-South (Track) Ancient Travel Route runs through the farm although we wouldn't suggest you follow it over Swincombe Headweir Ford at Foxtor Mires. Instead, wander in on the side of the Wheal Emma Leat (Dry Channel) from Hexworthy and visit Foxtor Farm on your way up to Black Lane Peat Pass.