Rough Tor, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park

Rough Tor, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park

Every year, large numbers of visitors wander up the West Dart River valley from Two Bridges to explore Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve. Many of these visitors also climb to the top of nearby Longaford Tor for its sensational views across Dartmoor National Park. From the top of Longaford Tor, in one direction you can look up towards Dartmoor's high north plateau with its scattering of tors. One of these rocky outcrops is Rough Tor.

We've positioned Rough Tor on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location. The tor is situated on the edge of the British Army's Merrivale Range. Distinctive red and white striped poles demarcate the boundary of this firing range. Red flags fly at Rough Tor and other tors on this boundary when the army are training. The tor has army huts as well. West of Rough Tor, across boggy moorland, are Devil's Tor and Beardown Man Standing Stone. To the north and north west rise some of Dartmoor's most famous rivers. To the east, the moor drops down to a valley cut by the fast-flowing West Dart River. As a result of its location, Rough Tor is not the easiest place to get to after a period of wet weather.


Recommended routes to Rough Tor

To visit, we'd recommend walking in from Holming Beam, the car parking area at Two Bridges or visiting via the Lichway/Lych Way from Bellever. In dry weather, it's a yomp to get to Rough Tor but nothing difficult. In wet weather, as mentioned, it becomes more tricky as you have to find a way to cross the river and stream that have cut the spur of land on which Rough Tor sits.

From the large car parking area at Holming Beam, drop down to the footbridge that crosses the River Cowsic. Follow one of the broad, grassy tracks that climb the moor to Beardown Tors. Connect with another track that takes you in the direction of Crow Tor. Use the stile to climb over the wall and descend to the moorland stream just west of Crow Tor. Jump across. Follow the line of the red and white striped poles to Rough Tor.

From the car parking area across the road from Two Bridges Hotel, follow the track that runs up the eastern side of the West Dart River to Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve. Cross the West Dart River at Wistman's Wood Ford or below Crow Tor. Note that the river is impassable after a spell of wet weather.

From one of the car parking areas at Bellever, follow the Lichway/Lych Way to Longaford Tor. From there, walk to Higher White Tor and then Lower White Tor. Head towards Wildbanks Hill. You'll see Rough Tor rising to your left. Jump across the West Dart River which is relatively skinny at this point. Climb the steep valley wall to the tor.

After a period of dry weather, it's possible to walk in from the Cut Hill area between the sources of the River Tavy, West Dart River and River Cowsic. It's rough cut moorland and is boggy even after dry weather. We wouldn't recommend this route after rain as it's very difficult walking when wet.