Fur Tor from Postbridge Circular Walk, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park

Fur Tor from Postbridge Circular Walk, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park

This is a big walk into the most remote area of Dartmoor National Park and southern England.

There are many routes to Fur Tor but this one starts at Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre. It's the 'classic' Fur Tor route. Other routes are outlined in our Fur Tor listing.

As ever, we'd recommend studying the Ordnance Survey OL28 'Dartmoor' map, our photographs and the Google map provided before setting out.

We tend to walk to Fur Tor in winter and summer months when the ground is either frozen or dried out. This walk is to remote ground on the high north moor so prepare for boggy conditions underfoot if it has been raining for a period of time.

Start at Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre. In addition to the visitor centre, there's a large car park and public toilets. If you're visiting during the busy tourist season and the car park is full then leave your vehicle across the road in the car parking area at the entrance to Bellever Forest.

Wander around the back of the building and walk through a gap in the hedge onto Drift Lane. Follow that past Roundy Park, cross the little stream and follow the left hand side of the wall all the way up to Broad Down. Stiles are situated along the wall towards the top of Broad Down. Ahead, below, is the East Dart River and then Sandy Hole Pass.

Walk the left, or west, bank of the river past the East Dart River Waterfall and through Sandy Hole Pass to the foot of Cut Hill. The remains of the tin mining industry are all around. The dome of Cut Hill rises to the north west and is one of Dartmoor's highest summits at 604 metres or 1981 feet.

You'll see the red and white striped firing poles demarcating the border of the Merrivale/Okehampton Firing Ranges. Follow the line of those poles and you come to Cut Hill North West Passage Peat Pass and Memorials. At the top of the pass, the mass of rocks that top Fur Tor are in front of you.

Walk across the neck of moorland to get to the tor. The tor is huge with equally big views of north and west Dartmoor. You'll see Tavy Cleave and Great Links Tor, High Willhays and Yes Tor. Enjoy the experience.

Turn around and retrace your footsteps.