Best Postbridge Walks, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park

Best Postbridge Walks, Postbridge, Dartmoor National Park


Postbridge is located in the heart of Dartmoor National Park on the edge of Dartmoor's north moor. The East Dart River runs through Postbridge. Bellever Forest is to the south. These different landscapes and natural features provide for a variety of great walks.


Postbridge Clapper Bridge

If you want a very short walk, visit Postbridge Clapper Bridge. Start at Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre, cross the busy B3212 and follow the pavement to Postbridge Clapper Bridge. Cross the clapper bridge and walk the banks of the East Dart River here.

Note that a path runs from the Postbridge Clapper Bridge area down to Bellever and Bellever Forest if you want a longer walk. See below for information on Bellever Forest and Bellever Tor.


Walking Dartmoor's north moor from Postbridge

Postbridge is an excellent place from which to begin much longer walks to high ground on Dartmoor's north moor. These recommendations follow various stretches of the East Dart River.

Sittaford Tor is a popular tor by Fernworthy Forest. Start at Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre. Wander east along the busy B3212 until you are on the east side of the East Dart River. A path runs north to The Grey Wethers Stone Circles. Grass tracks then rise to Sittaford Tor. The path from Postbridge to the stone circles is clearly marked on Ordnance Survey mapping. Consult for detail. Don't head out onto the high moor without a map or compass.

Fur Tor is the most remote place on Dartmoor and in southern England. It's essential visiting for any keen walker. Try the  Fur Tor from Postbridge Circular Walk.


Walking the Bellever Forest and Bellever Tor area from Postbridge

Bellever Forest and Bellever Tor are very popular visitor destinations in Dartmoor National Park. The northern section of the forest is located across the road from Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre.

Try the Bellever Tor & Forest Circular Walk.


Prehistoric Dartmoor walks from Postbridge

Before you explore Dartmoor's prehistory in the Postbridge area, visit Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre. There's a superb prehistory exhibition on the second floor.

Having been to the visitor centre, try the Bellever Prehistory Walk.

Walk to The Grey Wethers Stone Circles.

Whilst it's a reasonably long walk, we'd recommend a yomp to Whitehorse Hill and Whitehorse Hill Cist. You can learn about the extraordinary excavation of this site in the Postrbridge National Park Visitor Centre.


River and valley walks from Postbridge

After a period of rain, we'd recommend heading up to East Dart River Waterfall. Click through on the listing for directions.


The Lichway/Lych Way

Lichway/Lych Way is a long distance walking route running across Dartmoor. It starts/ends in the Postbridge and Bellever area. It's a fun walk and a great way to experience Dartmoor's high moor. Click through to the listing for more information.