Langstone Moor Stone Circle, Peter Tavy, Dartmoor National Park

Langstone Moor Stone Circle, Peter Tavy, Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor's stone circles tend to occupy stunning locations. Langstone Moor Stone Circle is no exception. Situated in a vast, open stretch of moorland with the bulk of Great Mis Tor rising to the south east, Langstone Moor Stone Circle is essential visiting if you're interested in Dartmoor's prehistory. Langstone Moor Stone Row and The Longstone Standing Stone (Langstone Moor) are to the north west. White Barrow is to the north east.

We've positioned Langstone Moor Stone Circle on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.

To visit for the first time, we'd recommend starting from one of the car parking areas along the B3357 west of Merrivale. Wander up to Great Staple Tor and then across to Roos Tor. From Roos Tor, follow the grass tracks that run across Langstone Moor to the stone circle.

Alternatively, start at the car parking area at Smeardon Down. Walk up to Stephen's Grave and White Tor. Visit The Longstone Standing Stone and then wander over to Langstone Moor Stone Circle.

Note that this is a restored circle. In his work 'The Field Archaeology of Dartmoor', Phil Newman writes:

'The first of these restorations [of Dartmoor's stone circles] was at Langstone Moor in 1894, where, after the circle was 'carefully examined' by the DEC, the stones were re-erected (DEC 1895). Although the restorers claim to have used the original sockets, it seems likely the restored circle does not reflect the original circular layout ...'