Trendlebere Down, Manaton, Dartmoor National Park

Trendlebere Down, Manaton, Dartmoor National Park

In the eastern section of Dartmoor National Park, a road rises from the gateway town Bovey Tracey past the National Trust's Parke Estate to Yarner Wood and the East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve.

The road bends sharply and car parking areas offer stunning views of the Bovey Valley, Lustleigh Cleave and the curve of Trendlebere Down. The road then climbs steeply up Trendlebere Down until it flattens out on its way to Becky Falls and Manaton. Where it flattens out, there's a large, upper car parking area.

We'd recommend a trip to the upper section of Trendlebere Down for its views. Yarner Wood is low to the south east. The heavily wooded Lustleigh Cleave rises to the north west. You'll see rocky outcrops on its steep wall. The pretty moorland village Manaton spreads below Hayne Down and Easdon Down. Castle Drogo is visible in the distance. Dartmoor's highest ground is on the horizon to the north west.

In addition to the views, look out for the stone row and cairn. We'd also suggest that you walk up to the big cairn on Black Hill.

If you want to explore Bovey Wood and Lustleigh Cleave, drop back down to the car parking area at the eastern end of Trendlebere Down where it bends sharply by the edge of Yarner Wood. As a starting point, this is much lower down and good paths descend to the River Bovey. Clearly, because you're starting from a lower point, it's easier to get back to the car park.