Swincombe Reservoir, Hexworthy, Dartmoor National Park

Swincombe Reservoir, Hexworthy, Dartmoor National Park

Most Dartmoor reservoirs are large, impressive and reasonably easily accessible. Swincombe Reservoir is small and fenced off from the public. The moorland around the reservoir is flat, boggy and tussocky. Whilst there's a metal bridge at the eastern end of the reservoir, it's closed to the public so cross the River Swincombe downstream at Swincombe Fairy Bridge.

That said, we'd recommend following the old Wheal Emma Leat (Dry Channel) up the Swincombe Valley for the views back down to the reservoir and the Dart Gorge and Hamel Down areas.

We've positioned Swincombe Reservoir on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.

To visit, head to Hexworthy. Follow the road in the direction of Sherberton. There's parking to the right of the road in front of gates that prevent vehicle access to Sherberton. From the parking area, walk back down the road and you'll see a sign post pointing to the south plateau. Wander up to Wheal Emma Leat (Dry Channel) and follow it up the valley.

The path is mostly good. It gets a bit overgrown above the reservoir. As you rise towards Swincombe Headweir Ford, the walk and views become increasingly rewarding and beautiful. At Swincombe Headweir Ford, you are at the eastern edge of Foxtor Mires so stop or walk south west to Foxtor Farm or Mount Misery before wandering over Ter Hill and past its crosses to Down Ridge and back to the leat and Hexworthy.