Dunsford Wood Wild Daffodil Circular Walk, Dunsford, Dartmoor National Park

Dunsford Wood Wild Daffodil Circular Walk, Dunsford, Dartmoor National Park

Dunsford Wood, owned by the National Trust and run as a Nature Reserve by Devon Wildlife Trust, is located to the east of Castle Drogo and the Teign Gorge (National Trust) near the north eastern border of Dartmoor National Park. It's beautiful any time of the year but early Spring brings a special treat: its wild daffodils.

Thousands of wild daffodils carpet the floor of the woods. The walk to see the daffodils is gentle and follows well marked, flat paths by the banks of the River Teign.

We've positioned Dunsford Wood on the accompanying Google map so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location. There's a car park just up the road from Steps Bridge which is clearly visible on that satellite imagery. This provides access to the eastern entrance of the Nature Reserve. Note that there's limited parking by Steps Bridge as well. There's also limited parking at the western end of the Nature Reserve down the road from Clifford Bridge.

Start by Steps Bridge. Walk the north bank of the river (ie, take the path to the right hand side of the river as you stand on Steps Bridge facing Dunsford Wood). Follow the path that runs close to the river and you'll walk through various clearings in which you'll see the carpets of wild daffodils. There are plenty of information boards providing information on the area and its wildlife. Loop back on yourself and head to Steps Bridge to finish.

Timings. The daffodils are *usually* on full show in the second half on March (Dartmoor winters variable over past decade. Weather from heavy snow and freezing temperatures to months of stormy conditions with hacking rain to relatively mild and dry). For example:

2011. The flowers weren't out 2nd March. By the 19th March there was was full covering. 

2015. 18th March. Many flowers were out but it was far from a full covering.

2016. 19th March. Full covering.

Other walks in the area we'd recommend include the Teign Gorge Circular Walk and Tottiford, Trenchford & Kennick Reservoirs Circular Walk.

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