Dr Blackall's Drive Walk, Dartmeet, Dartmoor National Park

Dr Blackall's Drive Walk, Dartmeet, Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park is fringed with gorges and steep-sided wooded valleys. These are some of the most beautiful places in the National Park and Westcountry. In many cases, it's possible to walk along the lip of these valleys and gorges high above the rivers that cut them. Dr Blackall's Drive provides one such walk above the River Dart in the Dart Gorge. At the bottom of this listing, we provide information on other similar walks.

Spitchwick is an exceptionally popular area in Dartmoor National Park. Spitchwick Manor is nearby. Spitchwick Manor was once owned by Dr Blackall. At the end of the nineteenth century, Dr Blackall created a carriage drive along the northern lip of the Dart Gorge along which, presumably, a carriage was driven such that Dr Blackall and guests could enjoy the stunning views.

If you look at the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map, you will see Spitchwick Manor near New Bridge and Poundsgate. The manor is just off the main Ashburton to Dartmeet road. One can imagine a carriage travelling from the manor down the road in the direction of New Bridge and then connecting with the newly created carriage drive. From there, the carriage moves up the northern lip of the gorge into the most impressive view. It comes to Mel Tor and then Bel Tor Corner where it connects once again with the road. The carriage then descends and passes Higher Uppacott to Spitchwick Manor.

Today, we too can enjoy the views on Dr Blackall's Drive. This is a linear walk. You can turn it into this much longer walk but it's demanding. Clearly, there are other routes as well but this linear walk is a nice introduction to the area. It follows the Two Moors Way through this section of the National Park. The views in both directions are incredible, especially in Autumn with its copper and gold colours.

Start from New Bridge. Follow the north bank of the River Dart under New Bridge in to Spitchwick. The Two Moors Way runs through here, across a skinny road and climbs through woodland to Leigh Tor. From there, you cross another skinny road and follow a wide, grassy track up to Dr Blackall's Drive. The view here in to South Devon and back to Buckland-in-the-Moor is superb. The good, flattish drive takes you around a spur of land where the Dart Gorge opens up below you. It's a memorable sight. Bench Tor is across the valley. Mel Tor and Sharp Tor are beyond. In the distance, you'll see Combestone Tor below Dartmoor's high south plateau.

Walk Dr Blackall's Drive to Mel Tor and then Sharp Tor. From the latter, you look back down the Dart Gorge in the direction from which you came. Dr Blackall's Drive is clearly visible. It's a nice place to have a picnic. When you've finished with the view, head back on Dr Blackall's Drive. Note that when you get to the Leigh Tor area, you can descend directly to the New Bridge car park. As ever, we'd suggest you study the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map for detail.

If you don't want to walk in from New Bridge, there are plenty of small, grassy parking areas up the road from New Bridge as it leads to Poundsgate. These are closer to Dr Blackall's Drive so you'd miss out the section around Spitchwick. Note that you can walk in the other direction from the big grass car park at Bel Tor Corner or from the car park on the other side of Sharp Tor.


Other similar walks in Dartmoor National Park

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