Dart Gorge Dartmeet to Luckey Tor North Bank Walk, Dartmeet, Dartmoor National Park

Dart Gorge Dartmeet to Luckey Tor North Bank Walk, Dartmeet, Dartmoor National Park

Just across the road from the large car parking area at Dartmeet is a viewing point where you can see the East Dart River and West Dart River merge to form the Double Dart or, as it's more commonly known, the River Dart. There are chunky granite steps leading down in to the water for those wanting a dip.

A path runs from this area through a gate and past a Dart Valley Nature Reserve sign in to a large, grassy area popular with families picnicking and wild swimming. From there, the path runs along the north bank of the River Dart in to the Dart Gorge. This listing describes the walk along the river to Luckey Tor. There's an additional loop we'd really recommend you complete that takes you in to the heart of the gorge below Mel Tor.

Start at the car park at Dartmeet. You'll see the famous ruined clapper bridge in front of the newer stone bridge. Cross the road and follow the north bank, or left hand side, of the river past the viewing point to which we referred above in to the Dart Valley Nature Reserve. Follow the path to the grassy area. Stop to look back up the river to Dartmeet.

At the far end of the grassy area, the path becomes a stretch of rocks and boulders that run in to a woodland area. From here, you have to pick your way along the bank of the river. Sometimes you are on a rocky path close to the water. At others you are hopping over moss-covered granite boulders in beautiful woodland. Whilst it's not easy walking, it shouldn't pose any real problems to a confident walker. In many stretches, there's no single, obvious path. Make sure you walk out on to the giant slabs of granite that push out in to the river to enjoy the stunning views. Eventually, you'll come to another large, grassy area through which run streams. Luckey Tor rises from this grassy area. There's a steep path that climbs to the top of the tor although it can be difficult to see from up there owing to the surrounding woodland. At this point, either turn back or continue on a looping extension to the walk.

To continue, cross a dense patch of ferns in to more woodland. A rough path runs along the north bank of the River Dart down to a waterfall. In this section, you have to clamber over rocks and it is right next to the water so be very careful. On the far side of the waterfall are signs for Holne Woodlands SSSI. More huge slabs of granite push out in to the river. It's a great spot for wild swimming.

Head up either side of the waterfall. If you are on the east, or right, side then hop across the stream and follow a good track that runs diagonally up through ferns towards Rowbrook House which is marked on the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map. The track loops around to the top of Luckey Tor. There are amazing views of the Dart Gorge on this loop. From the top of Luckey Tor, drop down the steep path to the right hand side of the tor and follow the north bank of the river back to Dartmeet. It takes us about two and a half hours to complete this with plenty of photography stops.

This route is marked on the Harvey British Mountain Map 'Dartmoor' map. Refer to that map for detail.