Teign Gorge (National Trust), Chagford, Dartmoor National Park

Teign Gorge (National Trust), Chagford, Dartmoor National Park


The Teign Gorge is located in the north eastern section of Dartmoor National Park close to the ancient stannary town Chagford and the pretty villages Drewsteignton and Dunsford. The National Trust's Castle Drogo is at the mouth of the gorge. The National Trust's Dunsford Wood and Steps Bridge are to the east.

We've been walking the Teign Gorge on a regular basis for over seven years now and never tire of its natural beauty. It's widely recognised as being one of the most stunning areas in the National Park. We've positioned the Teign Gorge on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its exact location.

Cut by the River Teign that rises at two sources on Dartmoor's high north plateau, the gorge is a wooded, steep sided valley that runs for miles towards the National Park border.

If you are visiting for the first time, explore the area between Castle Drogo and Fingle Bridge. There's ample parking at both attractions. Follow the Hunter's Path along the northern lip of the gorge and return on the Fisherman's Path that follows the course of the River Teign. The views from the Hunter's Path around Sharp Tor (Teign Gorge/North East Dartmoor) are particularly impressive. You'll see Chagford and the high moors around Hangingstone Hill to the west.

Within the gorge, we'd recommend visiting Castle Drogo, Fingle Bridge with its pub and Sharp Tor. Across the valley from Castle Drogo is the superb Whiddon Deer Park. Cranbrook Castle Hillfort offers immense views of Dartmoor National Park and large areas of Devon. Paths have been opened up on the southern side of the gorge under the name Deer Stalkers Paths.

Given the high number of attractions within the Teign Gorge, plan a weekend break to Chagford to explore the area. There's a top walk along the gorge from Chagford. In Spring and Autumn, it's particularly stunning.

If this is your type of thing, try also the Dart Gorge and Lustleigh Cleave, Tavy Cleave and the wooded valleys around Burrator Reservoir.

In early August 2013, the National Trust and Woodland Trust announced that they had acquired, and were set to restore, a stretch of woodland in the middle of the Teign Gorge between the National Trust's Castle Drogo Estate and the National Trust's woodland around Steps Bridge. This woodland is known as Fingle Woods (National Trust/Woodland Trust). The acquisition means that the entire length of the gorge is now managed by the National Trust and Woodland Trust. A statement from the National Trust explained: 'Together we'll be able to create almost 30 miles (48km) of footpaths for visitors who will be able to see and enjoy the woodlands and get a real feel for the enormity of the place. The woodlands now belong to us jointly and we are ready to start the restoration process for the benefit of wildlife and people over the next 50 years. It also now allows us to manage a 10km long landscape of woodland in the Teign Gorge on Dartmoor'.