Bellever Prehistory Walk, Bellever, Dartmoor National Park

Bellever Prehistory Walk, Bellever, Dartmoor National Park

Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre

Start at the Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre across the road from the famous Postbridge Clapper Bridge. There's plenty of parking outside the visitor centre. Before you walk, head into the visitor centre and pop upstairs to see the excellent permanent exhibition on Dartmoor's prehistory.


Bellever Forest

Cross the B3212 and cattle grid into Bellever Forest. You'll see a car parking area to your right as you enter the forest. A forestry track starts/ends at this car parking area. Follow the forestry track all the way to the clearing at the top of which sits Bellever Tor. This route is marked on the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map. Head up to the top of Bellever Tor to enjoy the huge panoramic view of Dartmoor National Park but to also see the immediate landscape that's packed with prehistoric sites.


Bellever Tor

Standing on Bellever Tor, look north in the direction from which you came. You'll see a clearing between forest to the west and east. It's in this clearing, as you head back to Postbirdge, that you'll experience some of the best prehistoric sites in the area.


Settlement below Bellever Tor

First, visit the settlement that sits below Bellever Tor. It's just north of the tor and clearly marked on the Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 'Dartmoor' map. Tracks run across the moor to the settlement walls.


Lichway/Lych Way

Continue north and you cross the ancient Lichway/Lych Way. On the ground, this is a wide grass track running east/west across the clearing.


Cairn circles and cists

Staying to the left, or west, of the clearing, you'll come to cairn circles and a cist.


Stone rows

Now head north east across the clearing to see the Bellever Stone Rows (Lakehead Hill Stone Rows). The stone row to the west is particularly impressive.


Kraps Ring

Last, walk north to the large Kraps Ring Settlement.


Return to Postbridge

From Kraps Ring, follow the path that cuts through the forest in front of you. Very shortly, you come to a forestry track. Turn right and you'll come to the main forestry track on which you started. The car parking area at the entrance to Bellever Forest is to your left. Cross the cattle grid and B3212 back to Postbridge.


Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre, Postbridge Stores or The East Dart Bar and Restaurant

When you've finished, pop into the shop at Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre or Postbridge Stores or The East Dart Bar and Restaurant.